Creativity is everywhere.
. . .
I was just a little girl.
My father, Angelo Bertola, left stylized drawings
of angels around our home on little cards: he wanted me to feel his presence when he was not with me.

So, at the age of three, I realized the importance of a brand
even though I didn’t know what it was called yet.

Free and freelancer.
. . .
Small and large creative stories.
. . .
Every creative project that surrounds the brand is like a story to tell:
and even the simplest and shortest of tales can be fascinating.

I only have great customers because each customer is great for me.
A picture? It's the world as I see it.
. . .
A beautiful photo tells a story, unveils a place,
reveals an event, a state of mind; and such a photo is more powerful than pages and pages of text.

On twitter I'm the Angel
. . .
I give designs to the world. Always on the side of the weak.
I design #lAngioletto, #leDonnine, #laNotizia.

How about a coffee?
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Copyright 2013 Claudia Maria Bertola
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